Seedess Guide

Seedess can be used to stream your existing videos over Bittorrent and browser P2P transparently. You can also stream video from BitTorrent directly.

P2P Streaming

Your existing videos can benefit greatly from transparent P2P streaming. Transparent P2P streaming allows viewers of your video to optimally share pieces of the video with each other while they watch - increasing the streaming capacity of your server and increasing video download speed.


To understand P2P streaming view the demo at

Install Guide

At the moment we are working on releasing an open source transparent P2P video streaming library as well as a hosted solution.

For updates please register at

For now you try out the BitTorrent streaming API below.

Streaming directly from BitTorrent

To stream from BitTorrent in the browser all you need is a torrentId.

A torrentId can be an infoHash, magnet or .torrent file.

Quick magnet example

To stream a magnet, add the magnet to the seedess player URL,

Example magnet

The following magnet is for an mp4 video.


Player URL

The player URL loads the video player. You can generate a video player for any magnet by appending the magnet to the end of

Copy and paste the below player example to your browser URL.

Video Player URL

Player HTML Embed

The HTML embed can be embedded directly into you HTML page.

Video Player HTML Embed

For more examples view the BitTorrent Streaming section.

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